Macros and automation software has been around for years.  I'd heard the word "Macro" before but never understood the benefits that Macros and software automation could offer.

This year when faced with a dauntingly tedious task I decided it might be time to give automation software a fresh look. I ran across several automation vendors. Some solutions were very "coder" oriented while others were much more user friendly. I checked out WebZinc, Iopus Internet Macros, and WinTask and here is what I found:

Conclusion: I recommend WinTask first and foremost because of their helpful staff! Their software also seemed to be the most flexible and user friendly.

WebZinc Review: WebZinc is the most "coder" oriented of the three solutions I tested. If you have coding skills then this solution may warrant more research. I didn't research it any further because I don't have time to learn a new coding language.

Iopus Internet Macros Review: This was the second best solution I found. It's biggest limitation is that it only does "web automation" . WinTask can do things like defragment your hard drive while Iopus can only do things that can happen within your web browser. Iopus Internet Macros had ok support. My first two emails were answered promptly but my next three emails were ignored for over a week.

WinTask Automation Software and Macro Recorder Review: Because of WinTask's relentless commitment to support they receive our formal recommendation as "the best Automation Software." We also found their product to be packed with features and easy to use. 

Time is money and money is time. Transform your PC into a lean, mean automation machine with WinTask!

Imagine . . .

  • Eliminating repetitive data entry (yawn)
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing errors
  • Improving quality
  • Creating a seamless interface among multiple software applications - and -
  • Free unlimited e-mail support before and after purchase.
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WinTask is amazingly easy-to-use software that automates routine tasks quickly and simply . . .
  • Build macros in any software
  • Automate file transfers and Internet downloads
  • Install new software on thousands of PCs with your company's unique configurations and data already included
  • Capture information from various sources and combine them into one resource
  • Launch an accounting program, import data from other programs, calculate results, and print out a report
  • Test websites
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