Do You Develop E-Stores? Life Just Got Easier...
Simplifying E-Commerce Store Development with BVC 2004 and
By Aaron M. Soto for, a division of DezTech Consulting LLC

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While setting up an e-commerce store these days is infinity easier than only a few years ago, the many complexities of both the backend functionality and front end presentation layer still make it a rather time-consuming process for Web developers. Fortunately, there are now big steps that you can take to make your life much easier when it comes to setting up a top-quality e-commerce store.

For a powerful "1-2 Punch" of easy e-commerce development, you'll want a quality e-commerce platform like BV Commerce 2004 and an attractive design theme from

To get you started there is a free "Lite" version of BV Commerce 2004 for up to 10 products and also offers a free trial theme through the website.

And while BVC 2004 is an extremely powerful platform and a great starting point, there are ways to even further shorten the BVC 2004 development process, especially in the presentation layer. This is because both the best and worst of BVC 2004's presentation layer is that it relies almost entirely on CSS themes. And while the concept of CSS themes gives talented graphic designers with experience in CSS development a powerful method to control the look and feel of BVC 2004 stores, it also has some rather large drawbacks for many developers.


  • BVC 2004 does not allow for designing in Frontpagetm or Dreamweavertm.
  • There are no HTML-based templates that you can build or modify to create your own look.
  • The above two points creates an almost complete reliance on the CSS file, which is a hefty 1,000+ lines of CSS code for the included "Rain Forest" or "Tech 1 Blue" themes! offers a solution to the complex, but powerful presentation layout of BVC 2004... Highly attractive, drag & drap design templates!

For a relatively small fee, will provide you with an off-the-shelf, drag & drop design for your BVC 2004 Web store that can be installed in a matter of minutes. The installation process is so simple that all you have to do is drag & drop the unzipped theme folder to your "/BVThemes" directory of your BVC 2004 store and select your new theme in the BVC Admin Control Panel, that's it!

And for those out there that do not like the idea of a pre-designed theme, also offers custom theme design services for a minimal fee. You get the same savings in time and the same simple installation process, but with your own uniquely custom design.

The bottom line is, no matter what route you take with BVC 2004 and, you're going to get a top-quality Web store with a beautiful design in a very short amount of time!

Life for e-commerce developers has never been so easy...

-Aaron M. Soto - Ready-Made BVC 2004 Design Templates for Your E-Commerce Store

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