Tom Roe of examines GoECart Technology:

"GoECart is the clear choice for serious merchants looking to rapidly grow their online business."

Of all the tools I've used in E-Commerce Web Development, none have the combination of technology, security, ease of use, and price of GoECart.

GoECart has been around for many years, and is constantly being updated to include more leading edge features. GoECart is very sound, using Microsoft Server and ASP technology to serve its pages. This makes for a very robust system, capable of meeting the needs of a very small business to a large-scale enterprise serving thousands of clients an hour.

The price point of a GoECart store is extremely easy for even very small businesses to manage, coming in at an economical $149.95/month with no long-term obligation or contract. There is a small setup fee of $249.95, but that is waived if you opt to pay for an entire year in advance, and you will save another $200 bucks in the bargain. You can use those savings to purchase a Security Certificate from one of the many providers that GoECart supports. What makes this a particularly good deal is there is no other cost to running your store. You can serve thousands of pages and sell tens of thousands in merchandise and GoECart will not take a cut of your profit.

GoECart is easy to set up. It includes a Site Wizard that walks you through everything you need to build your site step-by-step. Even a novice user can follow these simple directions to build a e-commerce site. With the built-in template options, you can choose from a variety of styles that give you an excellent starting point for your store.

Where GoECart really shines though, is on the customization side of the equation. Every page of your site and every product on your site can have a customized search engine friendly page name, something practically unheard of in this industry. Instead of the cryptic series of alphanumeric codes in the address bar, you will see "". This is a lifesaver when it comes to site optimization. Every possible aspect of your site and product layout can be customized with elegantly integrated HTML edit fields provided on every product, every custom page, and every category heading for your site. You can seamlessly integrate JavaScript and dynamic html by including scripts in your custom HTML code. There really isn't anything that you can't do with this flexible engine.

All through the process of building your e-commerce empire on-line, GoECart support is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and help you as much as possible to accomplish your goals. If you need something a bit more customized than script and HTML integration can give you. GoECart can support you with a competent programming team to build the perfect solution to meet your needs at very reasonable prices. They also have a list of independent designers, and programmers standing by to become your support staff should you need a more personal touch to help you achieve your needs.

There is nothing more important in the world of commerce than your customer's data. GoECart takes this very seriously. All GoECart hosted sites are kept in a maximum-security Tier 1 facility. Very reliable, and always up, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Version 7 introduced HACKERSAFEŽ Certified code! This gives your customer one more reason to trust you. HACKERSAFEŽ Certified code is more secure because it is constantly monitored for possible vulnerabilities that hackers look for.

Your data is important to you, and GoECart has made it available to you as well. Other e-commerce providers give you good tools for setting up your site, but many users discover too late that the data is out of reach. GoECart gives you direct access to all your product data, your customer data, and your sales and inventory data though conveniently downloadable Comma Separated Value, CSV, files that give you complete access to your everything, so that it can be manipulated off-line, modified and added to, then uploaded to update all your site data quickly and efficiently. This can't truly be appreciated until you discover that you can download thousands products, adjust their specifics, then upload the data in minutes, A task that could take days or even weeks if you had to accomplish this one product at a time on-line.

I've only scratched the surface. Your customers will be able to ship using any major shipping company. They can purchase with any type of electronic funds, from credit cards, to electronic checks. They will receive notices about their purchase and updates and tracking information when the products ship. They can even receive regular newsletters and notices as you employ the built-in GoECart marketing tools to build better relationships with them. The only thing better than getting your customers to your site with GoECart's built-in search engine friendly technology, is to keep them on your site, and complete that sale! Version 7.0 of GoECart has taken this to the next level. Most customers leave during checkout never completing the purchase, GoECart has given them an opportunity to save their choices in a Amazon-like wish list so they can complete the sale later. Also helpful is the new One-Page Checkout, which helps your customers complete their purchase quickly. A better experience translates to more sales and more return customers.

If you want to compete with the big guys on-line; the Amazons, and the Wal-Marts, you might think that's out of reach for you, but with GoECart technology, not only is it within your reach, it is within your grasp. You can have a free demo to try it out and see what GoECart can do for you. You won't regret it.

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