Email Marketing Video Tutorials Show you how to plan, create, and send successful newsletters.

Read Email Marketing Tips and Lessons written by Michelle Keegan, Constant Contact's Email Marketing Diva.

Learn E-Marketing Lingo from the glossary of Email Marketing terms.

by Michelle Keegan, Constant Contact's Email Marketing Diva(TM)

Email Marketing 101 Webinar Series
From Constant Contact

These "Webinars" are streaming videos ( in Flash format ) that allow you to listen and watch your way to being an email marketing expert. Tutorials require Macromedia Flash Player

Who should watch the Webinars:
Beginners who want to learn how to send successful newsletters. Experts who want to refresh their basis.

What to expect:
Fast downloading animated lessons with voice narration.

WARNING: There are too many helpful lessons here to absorb in one sitting, I recommend pressing CTRL + D to bookmark this page.

Orientation 1 min
Why Email Marketing 3 min
Why use an Email Marketing Service 4 min
Obtaining Permission 4 min
Building your List 4 min
Email Campaign Types 3 min
Newsletters 4 min
Getting Email Opened 2 min
Writing Copy 6 min
Top 10 Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts 4 min
Best Time to Send 3 min
Measuring Results 5 min
Email Bounces 4 min