<% 'Copyright 10-4 ApS, this file may only be used if you own a license and have agreed to the license conditions, see http://www.aspfastforum.com/aspfastforum/ for details %> <% dim intCurrentBoardID, intCurrentGroupID, intCurrentMessageID, blnInArchive, _ strRedirection, strScript, strGroupScript, strMessagesScript, strBodyScript 'resolve the archive status call CheckArchive(blnInArchive) 'resolve Board, Group and Message-ID call CheckBGM(GetDBCon(), intCurrentBoardID, intCurrentGroupID, intCurrentMessageID, intCurrentUserID, blnInArchive) 'set default script names 'and make sure the messageID, GroupID or BoardID gets carried to the frames, 'even when the browser does not support session cookies strGroupScript = "groups.asp?" & Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING") strMessagesScript = "m.asp?" & Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING") strBodyScript = "b.asp?" & Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING") 'check for redirection cookie strRedirection = Request.Cookies(cLICENSE_ID)("redirection") if Len(strRedirection)=0 then strRedirection = Request.QueryString("script") 'if Len(strRedirection)=0 then strRedirection = Request.Form("script") if Len(strRedirection)>0 then Response.Cookies(cLICENSE_ID)("redirection") = "" strScript = GetScriptFromURLPath(LCase(strRedirection)) select case strScript case "groups.asp": 'show the page in the groups frame strGroupScript = strRedirection case "m.asp": 'show the page in the messages frame strMessagesScript = strRedirection case "a.asp", "b.asp", "deleteattachment.asp", "deletemessage.asp", "error.asp", _ "groupdescription.asp", "loginerror.asp", "markgroupread.asp", "next.asp", "nextthread.asp", _ "nogroupselected.asp", _ "previous.asp", "previousthread.asp", "r.asp", "s.asp", "sg.asp", "upload.asp": 'show the page in the body frame strBodyScript = strRedirection case "editmessage.asp", "post.asp", "reply.asp": 'check for popups if Application(cLICENSE_ID & "cPOPUP_FOR_POST_MESSAGE") then 'we can't reload the popup window, user will have to close window and try again else strBodyScript = strRedirection end if case "boards.asp", "editprofile.asp", "editoptions.asp", "help.asp", "logon.asp", "logout.asp", _ "register.asp", "sendlostpassword.asp", "thread.asp", "updatedb.asp", _ "admin.asp": 'redirect to redirection page call ServerTransfer(strRedirection) case "search.asp": 'redirect depending on popup if Application(cLICENSE_ID & "cPOPUP_FOR_POST_MESSAGE") then 'we can't reload the popup window, user will have to close window and try again else strMessagesScript = strRedirection end if case "autologin.asp", "chachesettings.asp", "default.asp", "download.asp", "forumtop.asp", _ "refresh.asp": 'ignore redirection end select end if if not intCurrentBoardID>0 then call ConnectionClose() Response.Redirect "boards.asp" end if if not CheckReadBoard(GetDBCon(), intCurrentUserID, intCurrentBoardID) then call RaisePermissionError() if Len(cCHARSET)>0 then Response.CharSet = cCHARSET %> <%= lookup(GetDBCon(), "boardname", "forumBoards", "ID", intCurrentBoardID) %> <body> <h1><%= STR_ERROR_NO_FRAMES %></h1> </body> <% call ConnectionClose() %>