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Use Internet Explorer for this...
Download the self-extracting EXE file to your PC (click here). Choose "Save this program to disk".

After the download has finished, choose "Open".
A dialog box will appear. Choose "Unzip". (This will unzip the FrontPage Express files automatically into the directory C:\Program Files\FPXpress - no need to do any other install). When finished, it will say "21 files unzipped successfully". You can "Close" this dialog box now.

Then go to the directory C:\Program Files\FPXpress and you'll see "Fpxpress.exe". Double click on FPxpress.exe and FPExpress will open. Your Done.

FrontPage Templates

FrontPage Express Tutorial
... Overview. This tutorial is a very basic overview of FrontPage Express.
FrontPage Express is a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Editor. ...

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