SMTP solutions for travelers and telecommuters :

When I was traveling I was always running into difficulties with sending e-mail using outlook ; I would have to change the outgoing SMTP server every time I changed my Internet connection.  This makes for a real hassle when you are traveling; I finally broke down and took the time to find a solution .  I found the below service that charges a one time fee of fifteen U.S. dollars and allows me to use their SMTP servers for sending e-mail from my outlook e-mail accounts.  This service is great if you are using a notebook computer or a PDA to send your e-mail .  They also allow you to use their web based e-mail system to check all of your existing email accounts. Once you're logged into the web based e-mail system you can import all of your messages. You can also set up custom reply accounts and signatures.

Here are some of the testimonials and features that I copied from their site :

"One of the slickest, most powerful e-mail systems on the planet" The Sunday Times, London
"The world's best email service provider" The Sydney Morning Herald
"If you take your e-mail seriously, FastMail is the service for you" PC World

FastMail provides fast, professional and reliable email
No adverts/taglines with paid options
Integrate with Outlook Express, Eudora, etc via IMAP
Send mail as if from your work/home account
Retrieve email from other accounts, including Hotmail
Many domains to choose from
Advanced spam protection
Online forum, superb customer help and FAQ information
Well reviewed by users
Virus protection by ClamAV

16 MB storage space
80 MB bw/month
IMAP/Web access
SMTP for sending email
Mail forwarding
Virus checker

Click here to visit their website Fastmail